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Road trip Peloponnese, Evia and Sicily

The south of Greece, especially the Peloponnese Peninsula, is famous for its ancient archaeological sites and the beautiful mountainous landscape. My first long road trip with Resi finds its conclusion here. From Euboaging it via Athens, further on to the Peloponnese and from there by ferry to Italy. I was accompanied by Dani, a school friend of mine (at the moment at the Staatsoper in Kassel). Click here for the first part of the Greece trip.

Roadtrip Peloponnes

Euboea - recreation in seclusion

From Mount Olympus (see report on Northern Greece) we went south to the village of "Glyfa". There the ferry leaves for Euboea. At the port I was provided with food and a nice chat by a Greek who lived in Germany for a long time.

Lonely beach in front of a deserted beach bar

The crossing took only 30 minutes. By the way, after Crete, Euboea is the 2t largest island in Greece. In the very northwest of the island I set up my camp on a beautiful, remote beach just before the village of Kokkinias. In summer there is a popular beach bar here, but it is primarily visited by locals and hardly ever by tourists.

In the evening a lot of fishermen came here and fished their dinner on a long jetty. I stayed here for 2 nights, worked a lot and recovered from sore muscles.

Rovies - Sweet place with beautiful pebble beach

The weather got worse and worse, so I left and drove further south. As I was quite dawdling I only got as far as Rovies. That is a very cute place with a wide pebble beach. There was also a lot of fishing and I spent the evening there.

Waterfall of Drymona

This time really early and once from west to east across the island. On the way there was the waterfall of Drymona, which I of course visited. The waterfall is very beautiful and we are surrounded by a great watercourse:

Drymona Wasserfall

You also pass a monastery, which is said to be very worth seeing... but I didn't go there. Further and further we went southeast. In the place "Steni Dirfyos" an old man stopped me, got into the car and decided that I should take him over the mountain (1743m high). I dropped him off in Stropones and went on to the beach of Metochou.

Metochou Beach - Offroad approach

To get to Metochou Beach, a 4x4 car is required. Here, you drive over relatively steep gravel roads, through river crossings next to fallen bridges, simply into no man's land. The beach was not beautiful and the journey is not worth it. The weather became increasingly windy and worse.

Cherómylos - great beach in stormy weather

The atmosphere became more and more creepy and eerie. The trip was worth it just for that reason alone. The beach itself was very clean and lay a little bit protected. My highlight was then a baby turtle, which crawled over my way there. The first free living turtle I ever saw =)

Peloponnese - Roadtrip in the low season for 7 days

At the latest since I had learned ancient Greek in school, I wanted to go to the Peloponnese. Only good that from here Daniel, an old school friend and also ancient Greek, will accompany me. Dani landed in Athens at midnight. There I picked him up and we went straight on to Isthmia (east of Corinth).

Nea Epidavros

Nea Epidavros - Offroad beach and cosy harbour town

The next morning we went to Nea Epidavros. Before the village there is a totally secluded beach. The journey by car is relatively difficult, but worth it. There we did some fishing and went to the village in the afternoon. The place is a typical harbour village.

Epdiauros - amphitheatre as it has to be!

In Epidauros there is probably one of the most famous landmarks of Greece: the amphitheatre. A visit is more than worthwhile. Beside the amphitheatre there are numerous other excavations:

Epidaurus Ausgrabungsstätte

Tolo: holiday paradise on the sandy beach

We went on via Tolo. This is a very touristic place in summer, directly at the sea. The location is incredibly beautiful. The water is turquoise blue and the sand fine and light. If you want to have a beach holiday, you should definitely come here.

Nafplio: Fortress of Palamidi

On the further way we passed Nafplio by chance. Here the Palamidi Fortress is roaring over the sea. The fortress was built between 1711 and 1714, but it is still impressive:

Palamidi Festung

Gialova - Bay of Navarino with lagoon

From Ancient Greece we keep coming back to the modern age. In Gialova there is a long, fine sandy and quiet book. It is enormously beautiful there. The beaches are great, the water calm and clear.

Insider tip: Voidokilia Beach

I don't know if this is a secret tip, we didn't know the beach before and came across it rather by chance. The Voidokilia Beach is an almost round beach with a small opening, surrounded by dunes and cliffs. The water is wonderfully blue, absolutely calm. A super beautiful place. Even in November we could still swim here. 14 / 15.11.2018 we were there.

Marathopoli - harbour town with "Locus" bar

After 2 days we set off further north. And we stopped in the port city (or rather place). Beside delicious restaurants there is the bar "Locus". Because it was low season, we were the only guests. But in summer there is a lot going on here. The owner and barkeeper is still very young and is happy about every guest :)

Messene - excavation site

The weather was unfortunately rather rainy, so we did not visit the excavation site. But above lies the place "Mavrommati". There we had a coffee and enjoyed the view of the excavation site. This is much cheaper and probably even nicer.

Apollon Tempel von Bassae

Temple of Apollo at Bassae

At 1150m altitude is the temple of Apollo at Bassae. For only a few Euros, it is worth visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site. We just came from the beach with short clothes and FlipFlops - but up there it was snowing at 2°C... Be sure to check the weather before.

Olympia - Famous, but disappointing

In Olympia we have booked an AirBnB for one night. Just the warm shower after the ice-cold trip to the Apollo Temple was worth it. The Olympia excavations are world famous - but not really worth seeing. You can see everything relevant from the outside or when passing by car. The entry is therefore not worth it.


Because the weather became more and more stormy, colder and wetter, we decided to head north towards the mainland again. We took the Charilaos-Trikoupis-Bridge for 13€. It was worth it. On the mainland with extreme gusts of wind and rain we slept in a mini-village.

Itea - big harbour town with great bars

For a long time now we have been in a big, busy city. In Itea we did some bar-hopping and in the end we had pizza delivered to our car. That was very funny there.

Delphi - The better Olympia

Whoever has saved the money for Olympia can definitely leave it in Delphi. There is a very well preserved excavation site there, which goes beyond the oracle of Delphi. There is a stadium, several temples, an amphitheatre, columns, etc. In addition, Delphi is beautifully situated in the mountains and offers a great backdrop:

Delphi - Ausblick

Back to Athens and on to Italy

On the way back to Athens, we stopped at a war memorial and a monastery with very beautiful Moasiken. After one week Dani leaves me again. I myself leave Greece behind and take the ferry from Patras to Brindisi...

Etna - Active volcano in Sicily

Unfortunately, I caught an ordentilche cold and did the next 4 days little to drive except direction or on Sicily and to cure myself there on a camping site (the first since Albania!). That was from 21.11 - 25.11. On 26.11. I finally went to Etna with a guided tour ("Etna Tours" was the provider and cost 69€).

Ätna mit Defender

The tour was definitely worthwhile and I would like to recommend it to everyone. Since we were by chance only Germans in the group and our guide lived in Germany for many years, he simply kept the tour in German. We learned a lot. Unfortunately the access / ascent to the summit was closed...a few days later he broke out again.

From Etna I went directly back to the mainland. There I slept one more night in Tropea and went back to Munich in 2 days and was back again on 28.11.2018.

Overall conclusion: Road trip through Greece & rest

Uff, all in all I was on the road for my first big trip from 16.09 - 28.11.2019. I would have liked to stay longer, but the short days in winter had an effect on my mood. Therefore I finished the trip after "only" 2,5 months.

Route Südgriechenland

All in all, the trip was enormously exciting, relaxing and yet it also changed me a bit. The different cultures, the joy and happiness of the people were impressive. I focused on landscape and nature and they were simply overwhelming! I consciously avoided big cities.

Resi did her job enormously well and accompanied me faithfully and bravely without any incident. I drove just over 16,000km and spent 2,313.96€ on fuel. That's a pretty expensive rent...

The extension has absolutely proved itself. Only the distance was simply too much. Especially the trip to Spain/Portugal with 6,500km in 2 weeks, was totally exaggerated. In one month Greece I drove only 4100km for ~620€ fuel costs. These are then more realistic rental costs ;)

I'm looking forward to the next trip in summer, when I'm going to Scandinavia and Finland!

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