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Offroad-Europa Tour mit dem Defender

Meine Reise beginnt am 17.9.2018. Ich stelle hier die einzelnen Länder, Touren und Offroad-Routen vor. In der Hoffnung, dass ich Dich für Deine nächste Reise inspiriere oder Du sogar auch Lust auf so eine Dauer-Reise bekommst. Interessierst Du Dich generell für Reisen, möchte ich Dir meinen privaten Reiseblog auf empfehlen.

Road trip Peloponnese, Evia & Sicily

16.04.2019, um 17:54 Uhr

The conclusion of my first big Defender trip is southern Greece with a short detour to Sicily. Especially the Peloponnese peninsula is characterized by ruins and excavations of ancient Greece. Join me on the journey from the Oracle of Delphi to the volcano Etna in Sicily.

Roadtrip North Greece

01.01.2019, um 12:18 Uhr

Accompany me on my extensive tour to the mountainous Corfu, over the lonely and deserted beaches of Chalkidiki, to the tranquil island of Thasos up to the summit of Olympus. A relaxed road trip in the off-season far away from mass tourism.

Road trip through the Western Balkans

21.11.2018, um 18:29 Uhr

My first trip to the Balkans or even to Eastern Europe. The journey went through great coastal areas, to historical cities and to hardly inhabited plateaus. This impressive journey convinced me of the beauty and hospitality of the countries.

Road trip Spain Portugal Andorra

18.10.2018, um 08:00 Uhr

Test trip with Camperdefender Resi, the Hivo and me. With 6500km in 2 weeks it was a monster tour and of course totally exaggerated. But exactly that was right for the test trip with the removed Defender.

Preparation, planning and start

06.09.2018, um 14:23 Uhr

I will introduce you to my long-term plan and what the first 3 months will be like: the two-week test run in Western Europe, the following 2.5 months in Eastern Europe and how I would like to work during that time.

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