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Preparation, life and travel planning for a life on wheels

Today is the 6.9.2018. That means that in 10 days my journey will begin. So that I don't get bored besides normal work, dismantling the Defender, clearing out the flat and planning the trip, I thought it was time to tell a little bit about my plans and the trip.

Planung Roadtrip Spanien & Portugal

The long term project

Already during my school time I liked to travel a lot. At the beginning with my parents, later alone or with friends. Instead of the 11th grade, I was in Thailand for a year on a student exchange. Even then it was clear to me that I did not want to sit at my desk, but that my life was the center of attention and not my work.

I built up the basics bit by bit:

  • Finding work that's fun.
  • No or little dependence on one company
  • free working hours
  • passive income
  • no other obligations

Since all this has now been achieved, I can finally put my long plan into action and travel the world in a relaxed and largely carefree manner. Of course I still have to work a little bit on the side, but only a few hours per week are enough for me. (Exactly how to achieve this is explained in a separate article).

Vanlife on trial

Since it is difficult for me to estimate whether I will be able to live in Defender for a long time and whether everything will work out fine with my work, I decided to be on the road for only 3 months. So I want to be on the road from mid September to mid December. Quasi a trial period.

If everything has worked out and I am happy, everything is good and I can adjust to the new life: Apartment completely dissolve and sublet, change of residence, change health insurance, etc. pp.

If it didn't work out, after the 3 months I have time to optimize and change the whole thing and I can find solutions for the problems I encountered and continue to work on the plan.

This will all still show and result :)


So that family, friends and interested people can accompany me on my journey, I have built this blog. Similar to my private Iwould like to report regularly and in detail about my travels. Additionally I present my car and show pictures and material from the conversion and give tips concerning travelling by car, (wild)camping and the whole financial construction.

Having finances under control

When I moved out of my home, I spent the first few months recording my costs in an Excel spreadsheet to see how much I was spending on what. That way I was able to optimize my expenses and keep them within reasonable limits. Since I only have a rough idea how much money you spend or need on such a long trip, I built a small app.

There I can record my fuel costs and also enter other expenses, such as accommodation, food, tolls, etc. This saves the entries in the database of my server, so that e.g. the tank logbook is always automatically up to date.

Additionally the current location is saved and you only have to enter the payment amount in the local currency. The conversion is then automatically done in Euro for a better comparison.

Thus I have found an ideal solution to quickly and easily overview my costs and reduce them if necessary until I have a feeling for them. Furthermore I think it is interesting for every reader to see how much money is "spent" on what. The plan is to spend 800-1.000€ / month including food, drinks, fuel, accommodation costs, etc.

Spendings App

Remove the car or Defender

It is up to each individual to decide whether to buy a finished motorhome, a VW bus or other camper van or whether to dismantle it himself. For me the Defender was the right choice with my individual extensions. It took me about 4 months to finish it (I usually only worked on it at weekends).

No matter which car you decide to buy, it should be reliable and you should feel comfortable and safe in it.

Dissolve apartment

To pay for the apartment and the long journey is quite uneconomical. Therefore I cleaned out my apartment early enough, sold various furniture and furnishings. Not only the purse is happy ;)

Fortunately I found a temporary tenant who will move into the apartment for 3 months. So I don't pay rent unnecessarily. After that I have to decide if I want to dissolve it completely or if I still need the permanent residence.

The test vacation: Spain & Portugal

Finally, we're going on holiday. To see how good I really rebuilt the car and what's still missing / superfluous, I make the first 2 weeks with a buddy (Markus) an extensive (7.000km!) roadtrip from Germany via France to Portugal, Spain and via Andorra back.

Roadtrip Andorra, Spanien, Portugal

The 7.000km in 2 weeks is of course enormous and unreasonable. But in this time I will notice what needs to be improved. We want to cross France quickly. Stay in northern Spain 1-2 days, then drive down the N2 in Portugal with a few stops, visit a classmate in hisContainer-Tiny-House #FL1, via southern Spain to Andorra for 2-3 days and then back to Germany.

In Germany I have just under a week to make all the changes before I head to Eastern Europe until mid December.

2,5 months Eastern Europe to work and enjoy

Planned departure is the 4.10.2018. Then a buddy (Flo) with his VW Bus T4 Synchro (=all-wheel bus) and I with my Defender will set off for Eastern Europe. Flo has only 2,5-3 weeks time. During this time the focus will be on Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece. Which countries we will actually travel to, we will decide at relatively short notice and spontaneously. This will also show how well and disciplined I can work when I am travelling.

Roadtrip Osteuropa

As soon as Flo is gone, I still have a good 1.5 months time. There I will probably visit Albania and series in more detail and then via Blugarien/Romania to the Black Sea. Further on via Moldova and Ukraine (depending on the security situation) via Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic back to Germany.

Here, too, it will become clear in the course of the trip whether this is feasible or whether I will visit fewer countries but more intensively. I cannot estimate that in advance. But one is flexible :)


Slowly the tension and excitement increases. The next 3 months will definitely decide how I will spend my life for now. In my dream it is clear: to travel the whole world non-stop with Defender. If this is feasible for me remains to be seen...

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