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Fennek Grill - My experience and tips

A few weeks ago we were on the road with a buddy and his T4 Synchro in the beautiful Allgäu. In the evening he unpacked his newest achievement: The A4 grill.

Fennek Grill Erfahrungsbericht

I was very impressed by this because of the high level of workmanship and its flat packing size. At home I also wanted to order one of these, but I found out during my research about the Fennek Grill and ordered him back and forth after a little back and forth.

Facts about the Fennek Grill

The Fennek Grill is small, relatively heavy and of high quality:

  • 3,1kg heavy
  • Pack size: 29,5 x 19,3 x 2,5 cm
  • Mounted: 28.4 x 19.3 x 27.7 cm
  • Grill surface: 27.0 x 18.3 cm
  • All parts made of 2mm thick stainless steel
  • "Box" made of lighter, yet sturdy sheet metal.

All further information, which should be used with caution, can be found at

All parts of the grill have no sharp edges and are cut precisely. The grill comes in a cover, which serves as a "grill coaster" and at the same time as a wind protection. And looks really good:

Opinion on Fennek

The Fennek homepage inspires confidence. Everything made in Germany, friendly company, cool products, good ideas. If you take a closer look around, doubts about the authenticity come up.

Fennek von vorne

Field reports about Fennek

If you are looking for reports of experiences with the small grill, you will first come across Galileo, who once reported on it. If you continue your search, you will find many videos and blogs, often sponsored by Fennek - whether they add it or not.

Always the same talk, always the same procedure, every time a brand new grill. Unfortunately, the people in the videos often have little knowledge about barbecuing and tell things that just don't fit (barbecue grill is much bigger than you think and blah blah blah). Big minus!

Cheap marketing tricks

The next thing you notice on the homepage is that the grilling area is given in millimetres and the remaining dimensions in centimetres. Worm? Very simple: The grill surface with 270mm reads larger than 27cm. And the packing size with 29,5cm reads smaller than with 295mm.

In addition, there are product photos that don't work at all in reality (see lighter below) or were photographed advantageously (amount of barbecue food on the grill). Yes, other manufacturers do that as well, but it just does not fit the image.

Nevertheless I decided to test the grill... you can send it back.

Assembling the grill

In fact, this is going enormously well. The parts fit exactly into each other and the grill is stable enough. The construction is simple. The cover can be used as a coaster and at the same time as a wind protection. That works super.

Size of the grill surface of the Fennek Grill

I don't know what most bloggers/youtubers usually use for grills, but the grill area is small. Don't let anyone tell you. The product photos of Fennek are also very well shot to suggest a huge grill area .

Fennek Grillfläche

2-3 big sausages and maximum (!) 2 pieces of fisch fit on it. If the steak is a bit bigger, only one. If you put two normal sized strips of zucchini on top, the grill is full.

Why? Very simple: The heat development and embers are not immediately present on the complete grill. If you stuff the grill with food, the middle grill is well done and not yet on the outside, as there is very little heat. In addition, you should not squeeze the meat on the grill.

Light the grill

It is wonderful that Fennek itself advertises the grill with the wax-soaked wood lighters ("ignition wool"). If you look at the "experience and test reports" on Youtube, but all of them (at least all the ones I have seen) use these white chemical blocks.

Problem 1: Wood wool is too big

Why? Quite simple: The flame of the ignition wool suffocates as soon as you put the separating grate into the coal. The grate is a good and working idea, but not with the firelighting wool you can find in the Fennek product photos.

It does not matter if the wool is completely annealed or not. Even chopping and cutting the wool does not help. Lighting with ignition wool is not possible.

Problem 2: Wax of wood wool

The next problem with the ignition wool is the wax. The grill is not completely closed at the bottom, so the melted wax of the wool just drips through. This makes the base completely full of wax and also blocks the ventilation holes.

Fennek Frontansicht

Problem 3: White chemical igniters

I almost feel sorry for whoever uses these chemical cubes or gasoline to light the coal. This ispure chemistry, which pollutes the coal and later the barbecue. Just do not use it! All the worse that the Youtuber make it so ...

The solution: Fidibus / eco lighter

Fidibus or similar eco-lighters consist of wax-soaked wood shavings, which are, however, firmly pressed. Therefore they are mostly long sticks, which can be shortened easily (you can also buy them shortened).

With these lighters the Fennek grill can be heated up very well without using these poisonous lumps or ignition wool. The dripping wax is minimal and not comparable to wool.

Fennek von Hinten

@Fennek: If you are reading this, please add these lighters to your next sponsorship and take your product pictures directly with them... It is more honest and makes you a bit more likeable again.

Charcoal or wood briquettes at Fennek

Definitely wood briquettes. The often small pieces of charcoal fall through the rust and immediately smother the igniters again.

The wood briquettes can be laid out very nicely in 2 rows, so that one receives an acceptable embers.

Barbecue on the Fennek

As soon as you have heated up the grill properly, grilling is no longer magic. As long as you don't want to stuff the grill with coal, the actually usable (=hot) grilling surface is only about 3/4 of the actual grill. At the edge in front and behind in each case 3-4cm are missing.

So it is rather advisable to put a layer of charcoal on top, grill the first pieces and then put a new layer of charcoal for the next barbecue rounds.

Grillen auf dem Fennek

We have successfully used the small grill for a barbecue for four. Then it went bit by bit and took longer. However, the evening was so sociable and most important: It tasted good.

Cleaning of the Fennek grill

Once again: Great marketing idea to advertise the grill grate dishwasher safe. Is that sensible / practicable? Clearly not!

If something burns into the grill, no dishwasher can clean it again. You have to do it by hand. Wire wool with water and good is. It works fast and unproblematic. There is no rust and the stainless steel does not tarnish either.

Why does Fennek advertise it, if it is useless and the grill is more likely to be damaged? That simply doesn't fit the "image" Fennek tries to give itself.

Stowing the Fennek

The fennec is as easy to dismantle as it is to assemble. With a little bit of trial and error you can also store the individual parts relatively rattle-free in the small case.

Conclusion Fennek

The Fennek is a great grill, which is perfectly described with this sentence: The Fennek is a 1-2 person grill, which can be stowed away to save space and is easy to clean.

It is nothing more.

Grillen mit dem Fennek

I am very satisfied with the grill, but I am extremely disappointed by the company "WWS METALLFORMEN GMBH" (this is the company behind Fennek) and their false, partly deceptive and misleading marketing. Their choice of sponsoring partners is almost sad. Advertise honestly and correctly with your products, they are good and there is no need to cheat.

Product top, marketing rather flop.

Finally I would like to point out that I was neither paid for this article (neither by the competition nor by Fennek) nor was I "rejected as a sponsor". If I will ever enter something like a partnership, it will be long-term and I am completely convinced of the product. With me everything is honest and not bought or out of bad will.

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